Pantelleria: A Deeper Look-See at the Island of Pantelleria

Pantelleria Island

“It’s one of the greatest pleasures in the world to have someone open your eyes to treasures you didn’t know existed. Pantelleria is one of these treasures, and with Peggy and Linda as guides, you will discover the richness and beauty of this island. From the bright minerality of the wine borne of the volcanic terroire to the salty hand-curated perfection of the capers. You’ll take a morning in the wild flower-rich hills, enjoy a fresh seafood lunch and a relaxing soak in the ocean hot springs, followed by a shared dinner under stars unlike you’ve ever seen. The time here is soul-affirming and reminds you of what is possible when you find a respect and rhythm with nature. I am so grateful for the expert guidance of Peggy and Linda who help you deeply embrace this beautiful place!” 

~ Catherine P

It’s not often that you have the chance to visit a remote island with an insider. People who live there and people who visit there need each other to appreciate what’s at hand. At times, locals don’t know how to see deeper into what they look at everyday. Neither do we, no matter where we live. It can often take a fresh perspective to remind us of what we have in front us that we take for granted.

On this trip Linda Sarris, The Cheeky Chef, and I have created a new short program to introduce you to the wonders and flavors of the island of Pantelleria. Pantelleria is like the wild west of Sicily. It’s a windswept island that has had to adapt to elemental conditions. The domed houses, called Dammusi, with a rooftop holding trough to collect rainwater. Moorish influence has left its mark. Olive tree branches are weighted down with rocks tied to ropes. Round, circular, dry-stone lava rock gardens are built to protect a single fruit tree. Cactus paddles are used to protect young tomato plants while they hold tight to every drop of precious humidity. Every island in the Med has its particular glory ~ and Pantelleria is no exception. “Having a deeper look-see”  is my way of bringing attention to the brilliance of our experience. We can allow ourselves to respond to the essence of this place by really looking, observing how it feels, how the food tastes and connects with the environment we are in. This will tell us about the history, the culture, the present moment.

We can write about it, photograph it, or just generally absorb it from a place of heightened awareness. Nothing in the itinerary changes, just our way of seeing it.

For this program we will be hosted in the traditional dammusi houses of Le Case del Principe, in the district Kattibuale on the north coast, only a stone’s throw from the mystical Specchio di Venere crater lake and one of the very few places on the island with direct access down to the sea. Always keeping with the strong personal connections Peggy has built over the years, these private homes are owned by Ariane Sallier de La Tour of the Tasca d’Almerita family — who we visit in Regaleali on the Sicily: A Different Italy program in May and the Capofaro resort on the Sicily + the Aeolians program on the island of Salina each September. Guests will be accommodated in two-bedroom houses, each with a living room space, two private bathrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen and a large terrace overlooking the sea.

On this new 4-night Look-See program, we’ll dive right into the small but mighty world of Pantelleria’s local wine, food, and culture while tapping into our creativity and consciousness while wandering through the wildflower-covered natural wonders.

***  For those who sign up for both programs, Sicily and Pantelleria 2023, you’ll receive $250 off both adventures ***


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May 17 – 21, 2023


Double: $2,400 per person

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Inspiration: Stone dammusi houses. Black volcanic swimming holes. Mountain oregano. Natural hot springs and saunas. Passito wine. Venus’ mirror lake. Caper plants growing from every crevice. Wild fennel plucked from the side of the road. Vintage FIAT Panda cars. Stargazing. Africa meets Europe. National park hiking trails. Soft goat’s milk tuma straight from the cheesemaker. Wide open sea views from our private terraces. The Punta Spadillo lighthouse as our nightlight. 


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