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In Bed With My Sweetie

I had you there for a minute, didn’t I? What’s more fun than drinking tea or coffee, or in my case, Chai, in bed on Sunday mornings? The only thing that could make it sweeter is eating a piece of peach pie with my sweetie.

I love the light that comes in through the French doors of the bedroom in the early mornings. It’s the only true light-filled place in the house. Usually, I will only allow myself the luxury of staying there on the weekends for obvious reasons. This last Sunday I took a cup a chai (I won’t say that my boyfriend delivered, or I would be run out of town) and the last piece of pie that I put on one of my favorite white Portuguese plates and headed straight from the kitchen in my white Nighty straight back to the bed all crumpled with white linen. I set my plate down and went into a swoon. The light, the pie, the linen… and then I picked up the pie with my hands to take a bite when the peachy freshly baked pie aroma hit me. I breathed it in with eyes closed.

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