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To journey is to take a trip in and out of oneself, to engage with others and see how they live. Every new experience and landscape reaches into unknown parts of us. It encourages us to see the world through eyes wide-open, to embrace it and feel our belonging.

Travel is deliciously transformative. It cooks us in a good way, like fire and salt. To engage with other cultures through food is primal. It’s deeply connecting to break bread and stir a pot in an unknown land with a trusted insider.

Step into our global conversation for a glimpse of “ordinary magic.” Drop beneath the surface. Savor these destinations with pleasure and curiosity. Our table is waiting in far flung fields, wine estates, villas, villages, on boats, in homes and on the streets.

Our Destinations

Amalfi Coast

Summer 2021


February 14 – 26, 2021


November 2021
March 7 – 16, 2021


TBD 2021


May 16 – 23, 2021

Sicily + Aeolians

September 2021


April 10 – 17, 2021


October 4 – 13, 2021

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“Divine. Beyond, way beyond, expectations. True happiness.


‪Shannon Grace Jones , Boulder, CO

“Peggy can really get you inside the ropes, can’t she?”

– Lex Alexander, Chapel Hill, NC

“Peggy's adventures expand who we are and how we connect to each other and the world -- through food

– Eliana Schiffer, Santa Barbara, CA

“Delicious food, amazing people, deep connections and the greatest guide and person to show you a new world... that exists!


Danielle Feinberg, San Francisco, CA

“Peggy's trips are poetry in food and culture, and not to be missed.

– Paul Salinger, San Francisco, CA

“You made us feel, smell, taste, dance, laugh, cry, hike, sing, be in the mountains, be in the city, read poetry, meet wonderful local Berber people and develop beautiful friendships between us! May life give us the chance to be close, remain great friends and dance together again. A big THANK YOU. ”

– Andriani Katsoni, Cyprus

“As I scroll through my photos, I am reminded of the breathtaking landscapes, the phenomenal food, the fabulous wines and all the joyful faces that made our trip so magical.”

– Joanne Fillatti, Davis, CA

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