Finding the Current Within

Procida. Ischia, Ventotene, Ponza, Palmarola
June 28-July 4, 2025

Open the channel | Dive in | Be free

Rediscover your essence and find flow when you join this one-of-a-kind collaborative culinary adventure with Peggy Markel and transformational coach Ashley Wick.


On this 6-day sail through the Pontine and Phlegraean islands off the Italian coast of Napoli, be ready to go somewhere new, and go deep.

Once we enter the inner current of our being, we will learn how to harness the wind so it will take us where we want to go. There is such a thing as the direct path, but most of us have to tack (a sailing term) along the zig zag way of the cosmos to accommodate change as we navigate who we are becoming. Our natural intelligence is inherent. Be in the moment with the elements as they guide us like the stars in the sky.

We’ll meander from cove to harbor on a 60-foot private sailboat and sample the local luxuries of each port. Simple, fresh dishes are drawn from specialized agricultural traditions. Lemon groves flourish above each village. Surrounded by the sea, we focus on fish and folklore. We settle with ease into our captain’s expert handling of water and wind. We’ll play in the kitchen. Sprawl on the sun-bleached deck and dive into the sea as we anchor at each cove. We’ll explore the islands on foot. Suddenly: a sense of harmony.

Going with the wind is part of the lesson of letting go and seeing yourself and the world with fresh eyes. So often we forget how alive we truly are – we can carry on just surviving instead of really living. Remind yourself of the juice of life by reconnecting to your unique dharma through nourishing food and personal inquiry.

Who are you, really?
What wants to come through you?
What’s next?

We will explore these questions through a meaningful program of intimate group coaching sessions, guided introspection, somatic practice, and celebration.

You will learn to harness your energy and tap new wells of creativity by honoring your natural gifts – your genius. Yes, you have Genius! With renewed direction and sense of self, you will experience a more exquisitely alive and aware version of yourself.

This programming will illuminate the best that lives in you so you can chart a path that’s true to you.

It’s time to embrace your true north and set sail.

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We are calling all spirited, curious women to join us in the radiant energy of the summer as we explore outer and inner landscapes, the beauty of the Med, her foods and her sea. If you long for transformative, off-the-beaten path travel, take your place at our floating table.

About Our Co-Collaborators

Ashley Wick is an insatiably curious and creative connector of people, ideas and opportunities. In 2015, Ashley left a career in the New York fashion public relations industry to become a professional certified co-active coach (PCC) in Boulder, CO. Since then, Ashley has supported high-performing women creative entrepreneurs and leaders develop the self-awareness and leadership skills needed to create deeper meaning in their personal lives and a greater impact professionally. She is the founder of her namesake coaching business, WICK AND Co., and co-creator of the Take The Leap and The INGENIUS Life workshop series.

As a transformational coach, Ashley provokes her clients to explore and let go of old patterns while strengthening their connection to their inner wisdom, values and innate talent. In the process, her clients take exciting leaps towards their callings that give them to access untapped potential, possibility and greater visibility. Learn more about and follow Ashley here.


Peggy Markel is a writer, photographer, illustrator, a Southern storyteller and seeker. She left home at an early age to explore the world and has since designed and directed far-flung food and culture trips for over 32 years. Peggy designs programs for small groups of individual travelers that are built on long-term relationships, handpicked properties and carefully crafted itineraries. Each trip is a deep dive into the most delicious culinary happenings in each destination with a hands-on approach. Guests learn how food is made or learn how to make it themselves. She offers an insider’s look into the most influential kitchens and tasting rooms around the world from Morocco to India.

It’s hard to describe a Peggy Markel Culinary Adventure until you experience it for yourself. She has mastered a balanced rhythm and flow, and her deep, authentic relationships with locals allow you to feel like you’ve been dropped into an instant, welcoming circle of friends at the most interesting dinner party wherever you are. A true multi-hyphenate, Peggy’s trips are as wonderfully dynamic and soulful as she is. She plays the role of curator, translator, educator, poet and provides the context for guests to experience a perfect alchemy of place, people, and food. For Peggy, food is a pathway to deeper learning, self-nourishment, openness and connection.

When not traveling, she lives on the fourth floor of a 16th century Palazzo in the center of Florence as well as in a pied-à-terre in Boulder, Colorado to be near her family.

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Trip Details:  Women only | 6 spots available | 3 cabins/double occupancy


June 28 – July 4, 2025


Double: $6,975 per person

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All creative souls, fit and adventurous, spiritual seekers, entrepreneurs, writers, culinistas, and dreamers are welcome as we travel on a 60ft sailboat from island to island, learning about regional specialties, tasting local fare, diving off the boat into azure seas and deepening your connection to yourself. We’ll eat everything lemony; pasta, dolce, and sip famed Limoncello from the sfuso amalfitano lemons of Amalfi. Our meals will consist of local fish, fruitti di mare with tasty pomodorini tomatoes and fresh herbs, local cheeses and plenty of vegetables, fruits and other local specialties.

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photo credits below: © andrea gentl