India: Of Palaces and Poetry

New Delhi, Jaipur, Nimaj and Udaipur
February 2-14, 2025

It is true that you never come home from India. It’s a world of contrasts and sensory inspiration. Immediately, we are immersed in deep culinary tradition. On this program, we ride rickshaws to the spice markets of Chandi Chowk to gaze at sacks of dried chilis, roots of turmeric, ginger, cinnamon bark, stepping right into the world market of spice trading. In the village of Nimaj, local women in bright saris draw from a well, expertly balancing water jugs on their heads to be stored in cool terracotta urns back home. We visit the village potter, become chai connoisseurs and learn about turbans. We sleep in ancient luxurious palaces. Shop for trinkets and finery.

Come, discover the superb flavors and cultural wonders of one of the world’s most intriguing civilizations. We’ll encounter a 17th century nobility whose lineage operates luxury tents and boutique guesthouses, produces organic food, and maintains a close connection to the nearby villages with a sustainable relationship to the land. Learn the craft of spice-infused Indian cuisine in the simplest of villages as well as the most exquisite kitchens. You’ll return with rich memories and a spice box filled, your kitchen brightened and cooking inspired from the source of mother India.

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Inspiration: A friend of a friend. Generosity. Being treated like a deity. Light in the eyes. The way our Indian hosts always speak from the heart. Turmeric. Ragas. Pujas. Ama’s pickles and lemon rice. Indian music. Tagore.


February 2 – 14, 2025


Double: $12,500 per person
Single Supplement: $2,800

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From my journal…

Dosa for breakfast. Warm spiced potatoes inside, perfect wrap for pinching and dipping into the various chutneys, coconut, coriander and red spicy tomato. Last Indian meal for a while. Thanks for the love, India. The flavors, the magic, the otherworldly chaos and charm, the wide deep eyes of your countrywomen and kind hospitality from everyone is like no other. It’s built into the ancient fabric of your family values, ethics and spirit. I always leave more nourished than when I arrived. Thank you and Namasté.

Would you like to have dosa for breakfast? Would you like to hear more about what actually goes on to inspire such a feeling? Nothing beats being there, but let us entice you further by sending you a detailed itinerary of our journey.


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