Who We Are

Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures delivers personalized, educational, hands-on travel experiences that feed the soul. With a perpetual curiosity and reverence for the rich tapestry created by food and culture, Peggy Markel has designed and directed carefully hand-crafted food and culture trips around the world for 25 years. She is a pioneer not only in culinary travel, but was instrumental in bringing Slow Food to America and championing the farm to table movement as early as 1993.

Following her intuition and inspiration, Peggy built lasting relationships with chefs and purveyors throughout Italy and continued designing adventures that include Morocco, Sicily, as well as Spain, Portugal and India. Though the market for culinary travel has certainly grown since these early years, no one has been able to match the depth and dimension of her programs.

What We Do

With each handcrafted experience, Peggy creates a container that allows her guests to relax immediately and drop beneath the surface. Good choices, deep relationships and loyalty have their benefits. It’s like traveling with a friend of a friend: someone you don’t know, but you feel like you do. And as you do get to know her, her friends become your friends with ease. Suddenly, you’re a regular. It’s this unfolding that immerses every guest in the experience at hand. Each program is designed to flow like an easy in-breath-out, carrying you from one experience to the next. There’s a bit of magic to it.

All of our trips are food-focused. Each itinerary is designed for immersion. We dive deep into the most delicious thing happening and learn either how it’s done or how to do it ourselves. Every program has a hands-on element. When we aren’t getting our own hands dirty, we’re getting an insider’s look into kitchens, workshops, bodegas, studios, tasting rooms and secret chambers. Yes…at times we go behind forbidden doors. It takes a village to create special experiences. We tap into the local underground root system and make the connections wherever they arise.

But it’s not all about food. It’s about the art of living. We are the real deal and consider your experience and care paramount. Programs are built on long-term relationships, handpicked properties and carefully crafted itineraries. We welcome small groups of individual travelers from 6 to 16, depending on the journey.

About Peggy Markel

With a palate for the extraordinary, Peggy’s interest in the connection between food and culture began with childhood roots in the Deep South and developed with extensive travels throughout Asia, Europe, North Africa and South America. Since founding Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures in Tuscany in 1992, she has personally led more than one thousand people on various programs, enriching their knowledge and experience of food, culture and the world. Today, Peggy directs each of her international culinary travel programs in three continents with the same basic philosophy, inviting her guests to experience new cultures with an open curiosity, using food as a vehicle to taste the fullness of culture and place.

Peggy is a writer, photographer, illustrator, a southern storyteller and seeker. When not traveling, she lives on the fourth floor of a 16th century Palazzo in the center of Florence as well as in a pied-à-terre in Boulder, Colorado to be near her family.

Our Philosophy

We welcome curious travelers who love to cook, chefs, food artisans, artists, poets, surgeons, bankers, gardeners, philosophers, therapists, teachers, pole dancers and anyone who has an open mind and appreciates good taste. Sharpened senses are a reflection of awareness; therefore, we see the world through a wide lens, open mind and heart, and yet in fine detail. Everything leans. It’s a circle game of connections, through a friend of a friend. That is one reason why the labyrinth, our new logo, is a good symbol for us, nothing short of cosmic.