Sailing and Savoring the Gulf of Naples

Procida. Ischia, Ventotene, Ponza, Palmarola
June 15-21, 2024 - sold out | June 14-20, 2025 | June 21-27, 2025

We invite you to sail the ancient Mediterranean trade routes with us, to encounter this breathtaking region from the sea.

We’ll meander from cove to harbor on a private sailboat and sample the local luxuries of each port. Simple, fresh dishes are drawn from specialized agricultural traditions. Lemon groves flourish above each village. Surrounded by the sea, we focus on fish and folklore. We settle with ease into our captain’s expert handling of water and wind. Bring a book for quiet times. Play in the kitchen when we have something to teach you. Sprawl on the sun-bleached deck or dive into the sea as we anchor at each cove. Explore the islands on foot. Soak up local wisdom and our captain’s sea-faring stories. Suddenly: a sense of harmony. The relaxation is deep.

Enquire about booking the entire boat for your friends or family. We have a fleet of different sailboats and catamarans to choose from. A private itinerary can also be designed. For more details, request an itinerary.

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Inspiration: Captain Antonio’s infectious humor, deep nautical philosophy and natural sense of the sea and navigation.  Flavorful food. Aromas. The sea. The wind. Pasta con le vongole. Limoni. Photo: Procida


June 15 – 21, 2024 ~ sold out
June 22 – 28, 2024 ~ private
June 14 – 20, 2025
June 21 – 27, 2025


Double: $5,497 per person

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All creative souls, fit and adventurous, well balanced mentally and physically, entrepreneurs, artisans, writers, dreamers, join us as we travel caravan style on a catamaran from island to island for seven days, learning about regional specialties, myth and poetry, tasting local fare, diving off the boat into azure seas and learning the philosophy of a sailor. We’ll eat everything lemony; pasta, dolce, and sip famed Limoncello from the sfuso amalfitano lemons of the Gulf of Naples. Our meals will consist of local fish, fruitti di mare with tasty pomodorini tomatoes and fresh herbs, local cheeses and plenty of vegetables, fruits and other local specialties.

Why are you curious about this trip? There’s so much more than meets the eye. What is the hidden gem on these rarely visited islands? Who do you fancy spending time with on the sea?

Let us send you a detailed itinerary. It might lure a loved one into your net. Or three.

Only 3 cabins, with 3 bathrooms. Double occupancy. Just what the Italian doctor ordered.


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