BiteSee: “The Best Way to Drop 10 Grand: A Food Adventure Through India”

“If India is on your bucket list of dream culinary destinations, it’s time you finally check that box. To insure that the trip exceeds your expectations, then you must have Peggy Markel as your guide.

Peggy has been touring food-driven travelers for more than 25 years. First in her adopted country of Italy, and she’s since expanded her intimate, expertly-guided, immersive culinary adventures to Rajasthan, India.

No matter the destination, the thread of Peggy’s trips is food and culture; which means a wide range of adventures to be had. On the India trip those experiences include riding elephants, visiting a hotel only accessible by boat, a jeep tour, and visiting the thrilling center of the world’s spice market. “People of any age want challenge and travel is about challenge,” says Peggy, “To do things you’ve never done before.””

The Best Way to Drop 10 Grand: A Food Adventure Through India, written by Kiri Tannenbaum

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