Hammered Copper Water Jug

When in Kerala, south India this past February, I discovered this lovely hand-hammered copper water jug. I was taken with its beauty and the fact that it was lightweight and unbreakable. Then I learned about its benefits. 

Water stored in copper was known as the “elixir of life” according to ancient wisdom handed  down through the ages. Disease causing bacteria cannot survive for more than a few hours on copper surfaces. Therefore, the vedics proposed letting water sit in copper overnight to drink in the morning  stimulates brain function, aides digestion, reduces arthritis pain, anemia, and improves skin health. While copper water benefits may be many,  natural support against viruses during this time is especially needed. 

This vessel is pretty, timeless and looks lovely on the kitchen table or one’s bedside. 

Material: Copper

7.5″(H) x 6.0″ (W)

Weight: 590 g / Volume: 1600 ML

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