Handmade Cotton Masks

Handmade cotton face masks by Emily Luebcke, Three Arrows Boutique

A pretty face…is like a memory…

Emily’s cotton face masks bring the fanciful side of Covid life alive. Each design delights the wearer, encouraging them to spruce up whatever they are wearing, as well as delight the onlooker. Comfortable and well fitting, these masks are my favorite. As a jewelry designer and maker, Emily takes her craft seriously, (I should know, I’m her mother). I consider them wearable art. Not medical grade, they are designed to keep our hands off of our faces and offer psychological protection from what we can’t see and proper respect for who and what we can see.

*All purchases are final sale. Please contact us (info@peggymarkel.com) with any inquiries about this item as we want to ensure you love it as much as we do.



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