A Different Italy

Sicily’s island borders embrace ages of influence – Greek ruins dot the land, Arabian eggplants, lemons, saffron, and nutmeg thrive in the volcanic soil and local artisans hand-make chocolates and cheeses. Strong and elemental, Sicily retains an unconquered character and a romantic spirit, and you can taste it in her food. Sicilian dishes draw on history but abound with independent ideas and innovative interpretations that stand apart from the cuisine of mainland Italy. On Sicily: A Different Italy we will coil our way through this dramatic region, from Catania’s ancient costal fishing villages to the famous dishes of Palermo; on to the lesser-known intro-terra, home to noble wine estates; down to Modica for hand-produced chocolates and to Noto for the world’s best gelato. We will unlock the secrets of Sicilian cuisine and eat, drink, and enjoy a region where the sense of taste alone leads one down countless passages of history.