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Recipe: Preserved Lemons

For one jar of preserved lemons:

(canning jar with plastic or rubber lid covering is best)
5 – 6 small organic or meyer lemons
Sea salt (enough for stuffing a few T into each quartered lemon)

Cut the lemon from top to bottom in quarters, but not all the way through. Basically a cross at the top, all the way down, but not through. Stuff each quadrant with approx. 1 tablespoon of salt.

Put 5 – 6 lemons (however many will fit) into the jar and seal jar tightly.

Leave lemons on the kitchen counter for 3 weeks. Turn them upside down, then right side up every day. Can keep for up to one year in pantry or refrigerator. After opening the jar, use a wooden spoon to scoop them out. (Avoid metal.)