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My Kind of Lunch

Pimiento di Padron, fried shrimp pancakes, and a big salad with those darling little gem lettuces, endive, and not just any bacon, but fried Iberico! Did you know they drink mostly beer in southern Spain??

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?
What brings me alive is the active participation of being in a culture different from my own, relating with a heightened sense of awareness and an open heart looking for a way in.

Lust for Travel…

Late summer skies are getting bluer and there is the faintest hint of cool in the air. Most people are ending their summer holidays and going back to work or school. So am I. Thank goodness it’s the traveling kind. I’m ready to hit the road for foreign lands and steep myself in a different cultural brew. 

The Black Pigs of Huelva

Visiting an organic pig farm for the infamous black pig “Iberico” was insightful. We took a walk with the pigs, free range under the acorn trees. They came quickly, taking a trail that was at first far away, then slowly and deliberately coming nearer. Snorting and trotting, with their ears flopping at the tips, it’s too bad they are not used for pets, for they are in some sense of the word, affectionate.