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Chittoor Kottaram ~ A Noble Retreat

A Maharani Tomberati Indian princess, I have never been, but never say never, as I lean against the strong balcony of the 400 year old mahogany summer home of a Maharaja- the place to myself. Four people sweetly look after me, while I try to look after a much neglected …

Recipe: Peachy Peach Cocktail

When I was young, my favorite thing to do in summer was to make homemade peach ice cream. I would turn cartwheels all the way over to Gladys’s house, two houses down past all the hydrangeas to watch her make the custard with fresh cream and bits of peach.

Cibreo Vivaio, or Florentine musings

Fabio Picchi of Cibreo fame, has realized yet another dream ~ a small organic supermarcato + vivaio (nursery) on the terrazza next to mercato di Sant’Ambrogio. Love at first sight to see an unbelievable variety of fruits all named and spread artfully on the table. I wanted to pull up a chaise and lounge, paint or just study. Plants and seeds are available.

Dear Aunt Sarah

Ida Sarah Burroughs 10/30/1914 – 11/15/2016 This picture brings tears to my eyes, even though it was taken 4 years ago, I call this picture dried apple Sarah. Sarah lived four more years after this shot and lived to be 102. Not unwell. Never unwell. None of us can remember a …

For the love of real chocolate…

This is an empty bench where Franco Ruta used to sit outside of Antica Dolceria Bonajuto with his stubby Toscano. His presence is sorely missing in Modica. @bonajuto is the oldest Dolceria in Sicily, famous for its delectable chocolate since 1880. Franco brought the attention to this small Baroque town …

Tasting Rome with Frasca Food & Wine and Katie Parla

Our artichokes are a bit nouveau compared to the globes of Rome, but tasty. And the suppli, a fried rice croquette with warm melted pecorino and mozzarella that strings ‘al telefono’ when you bite into it, brought up memories of standing on a street corner across from the Spanish Steps, licking my lips.

Italy, in many ways, has taught me how to love

We all have places like this, and discover new ones each time we travel. Places that remind us to fall in love with our own lives.

This kind of travel isn’t about romance or fantasy. It’s not about escaping our situation or distracting our minds with picturesque views. It’s about waking up, learning to notice details and appreciate the magic of our own lives. It’s easier to remember and appreciate the small details when we travel and everything is new, but this kind of love is available to us all of the time.