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“Ghriba” Moroccan Tea Biscuit Recipe

I’ve always loved these crackled almond tea cookies from the time I’ve spent in Morocco and when I saw this recipe from Susan Spungen of Susanality, with the delicious spin of adding raw chopped pistachio and edible rose petal sugar, I knew it was time to test them out again.  …

Recipe: Tea Time in Morocco

Tea time is never passed up in Morocco. The tradition runs deep in the veins of its people. Vibrant mint leaves, crystals of sweet sugar, and rich green tea and joined together as the holy trinity of northern Africa. Tea time is not the time of day, but a ceremony …

Recipe: Chicken Tagine with Dried and Fresh Fruit

“Have tagine will travel” could be Peggy’s motto. Tagines can be seen on the street, at home and even strapped to a camel. It can also be a modern day camping pot or a festive dish for a party. It cooks over coals on what’s called a mejmar, providing a perfect traveling pot for a wanderer. Honestly, once you have cooked in a tagine you will fall in love with them… and with Morocco.

Recipe: Figs Stuffed with Chocolate and Pistachio

Check out this sexy Spanish dessert. This is a wonderful and easy sweet to accompany any meal, but certainly one of Moroccan or Spanish origin. We include it in one of our cooking classes during our Feast for the Senses program in Marrakech, Morocco. But we love southern Spain so much, that we have added a Culinary Adventure in Seville.