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A Traveler’s Home

My group arrived in Marrakech March 9th 2020, set to have a “Feast For The Senses”. No one had cancelled thankfully, even though there were hints of an epidemic. It was a delight to take on this very courageous group of people. They stood to lose a lot of money …

Recipe: Peachy Peach Cocktail

When I was young, my favorite thing to do in summer was to make homemade peach ice cream. I would turn cartwheels all the way over to Gladys’s house, two houses down past all the hydrangeas to watch her make the custard with fresh cream and bits of peach.

Take me to Salina

I invite you to travel with me and a handful of other travelers to the island of Salina in the beautiful Aeolian Islands off Sicily, to discover an unknown Mediterranean paradise situated on a fertile patch of volcanic land with ancient roots and stories. We will saturate ourselves in her unique flavors, delicious wines, and secret flair.