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Take me to Salina

I invite you to travel with me and a handful of other travelers to the island of Salina in the beautiful Aeolian Islands off Sicily, to discover an unknown Mediterranean paradise situated on a fertile patch of volcanic land with ancient roots and stories. We will saturate ourselves in her unique flavors, delicious wines, and secret flair.

Recipe: South Carolina Cranberry Crush

There is something to be said about the South. Cocktails are king. I’ve got a crush on this one. It came from a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner we had on Pawley’s Island at the home of Peter Roy, longtime friend and culinary adventurer. In the cool of the late afternoon after …

Recipe: Classic Sabayon

My first visit to the Hacienda de San Rafael in Seville, Andalucia, was wrapped in mystery. Upon arriving, I encountered a silky classic sabayon lavished over fresh red raspberries that reminded me of my southern childhood. Everything that followed after that captivated me. That being said, my first meeting with chef …