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Becoming A Mother

Becoming a mother was my first cognizant desire. I could imagine my belly round and full. Playing house, I was always the mama, only occasionally interested in being the child. I cooked and kept my playhouse in order as if I knew exactly what to do. Mud pies from the …

Farm Dinner with Chef Grant Buchanan

Everyone has a halo around their head. It’s not the Last Supper, but anytime you put a lot of people at a long table, it feels biblical, epic and like no place you’d rather be. Thank you chef Grant Buchanan, a transplanted southerner, for a splendid (farm dinner) meal with a Parisian-Longmontian touch.

Community is Everything

Matching the tablecloth at Cure Organic Farm where we are waiting for the guests to come back from touring the farm with Anne and Paul Cure. Cured Boulder has prepared some amazing summer dishes featuring Anne’s squash blossoms with burrata, her greens with a roast carrot vinaigrette and their organic pork roulade stuffed with braising greens, house ricotta and pine nuts in celebration of #slowfoodnations 

5280 Magazine: “Eat, Drink, Be Merry”

“Inside the kitchen of local culinary-tour maven Peggy Markel…Markel channeled the elegance and utility of natural materials typically used in kitchens in Italy, Morocco, Spain, and India into her floors (wood), walls (clay), and counters (marble). But she also incorporated functional items, like deep kitchen drawers and a farmhouse sink, …

Tasting Rome with Frasca Food & Wine and Katie Parla

Our artichokes are a bit nouveau compared to the globes of Rome, but tasty. And the suppli, a fried rice croquette with warm melted pecorino and mozzarella that strings ‘al telefono’ when you bite into it, brought up memories of standing on a street corner across from the Spanish Steps, licking my lips.