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5280 Magazine: “Eat, Drink, Be Merry”

“Inside the kitchen of local culinary-tour maven Peggy Markel…Markel channeled the elegance and utility of natural materials typically used in kitchens in Italy, Morocco, Spain, and India into her floors (wood), walls (clay), and counters (marble). But she also incorporated functional items, like deep kitchen drawers and a farmhouse sink, …

Reading the Invisible

The winds blow northerly as we head straight into them on our way to the isle of Capri after sailing around Ischia and Procida in the Bay of Naples. I feel like we’ve been on a sea-fari. We see mythical islands, mix with the elements, while staying safe on our boat protecting ourselves not from wild animals, but a deep blue unpredictable sea and sky. Our captain reads the weather like a book, knowing when and where to go. It’s like being in the hands of a magician.

Zeal Optics: “Savory Neapolitan Sails with Peggy Markel & Stephen Smith”

“Every meal that we (mostly Peggy) prepared was spontaneously planned. Every island we visited had a different catch of the day. With the basic “materia prima”, like pomodorini (organic cherry tomatoes), limone (organic lemons), basilica (basil) l’olio d’oliva extra virgine, caperi, (capers) and fresh fish, we were able to feed …