Ripe cherries, screaming to be picked and eaten right there on our hike; so beautiful and iridescently rose-y with the sunlight shining through them. Who knew we would fine this unexpected gift?!

We were high in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Andalucia, in the midst a cooking adventure at Casa Ana. It was the end of June and hot. The peaceful quiet was interrupted only by the bells on the goats and sheep that passed in the evening, and the occasionally droning fat bee. Taking a break from the kitchen, we were hiking one of the many ancient Moorish trails that traverse these hills.

When we came across a grotto with a tiny waterfall and ferns, we ducked our heads under to cool off. So lovely. We had gathered our ingredients the previous day at the mercado in downtown Malaga. Back at Casa Ana, chicken was marinating in cinnamon, salt, and olive oil. Eggplant had been chopped. “Little Gems” washed, rice poised to be made into pilaf. Anne Hunt, the owner of Casa Ana, made marmalade the previous winter from local oranges, which we would use as a glaze for the chicken. After our hike and a siesta we would cook our meal in a casuela and sit on the porch overlooking the mountains, with friends and crisp white wine.

A feast for all of our senses, including our tastebuds.

~ Kim Schiffer

Kim inspects a crisp white Albarino during last fall’s program, and Kim with her family at Casa Ana, this past summer.


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