Preserved lemons, seductive spices, tantalizing tagines, oranges in orange blossom water, and a close-to-the-lips encounter with ‘Omar Sharif’. That is what Moroccan dreams are made of… While you await the departure of your flight to Marrakech, sip on this elegant cocktail wherever you are!

1 1/2 oz of Ketel One Citron
1 oz of pomegranate liqueur
1 oz of pineapple juice
1 squeeze of lemon
2 or 3 shakes of cinnamon
5 or 6 mint leaves

Shaken not stirred…

Collaboration between Peggy Markel, Steve Peters, bartender and Karim Boulet, sommelier at The Kitchen, Boulder, Colorado.

(Recipes to be printed in Coastal Living Magazine.)
Photo by Colleen Duffley