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Breakfast Bruschetta.

Every food has a story. This morning I saw the bread from yesterday and wanted toast. I thought, “this isn’t just any toast. This is Maorizio’s rustic loaf perfect for bruschetta”. I don’t usually eat bruschetta for breakfast, but a flat of my good friend Michael’s heirloom tomatoes were staring me in the face. They are so sweet and delicious, I thought to myself, “better than jam”.

Bruschetta means ‘slightly burned’, the grill marks that sear the bread when toasted on an open fire. I just toasted the bread, eliminated the garlic, put butter instead, that melted quickly giving that aroma of goodness that comes together like nothing other than bread and butter. I sliced the tomatoes and put a few basil leaves on top. You might say, ” why is this different from a tomato sandwich? Because it isn’t.

It’s breakfast bruschetta because I said so, and I am leaving for Italy in two days and if it’s anything, it’s mezzo mezzo. Maorizio’s bread and Michael’s tomatoes merit a good salute. But for the sake of invention on this fine day when I should be packing instead of posting.. it is what it is.


A few slices of fine crusty bread
Good butter (in this case, just because I found it at Alfalfa’s Market, I used Buffalo butter)
Ripe tomatoes, preferably home grown if you can find them, and have a generous friend.
Course sea salt
Fresh basil
Extra virgin olive oil
….. .  …..

Toast the bread in a toaster, or in the oven or on an open fire.
Slather with butter.
Slice tomatoes and place on the bread.
Sprinkle with coarse sea salt
Dab a few basil leaves top
Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil (just pressed from Chile~ you can find it in Alfalfa’s bulk oil dept.)