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Sounds that cooking make

Put a frying pan on the stove, vruoomp

Chop some onions, thrap pap pap, thrap pap pap

Put some oil in a warm pan.. sheeeee

Onions cook at a slow sizzle, getting louder if you don’t turn down the heat, shreeEEEEEE

Slice some tomatoes, sfit sfit sfit

Put a bowl on the table, tzak!

Crack 6 eggs, crack slip, crack slip, crack slip, crack slip, crack slip, crack slip

Beat the eggs with a fork, frup frup frup frup frup

Grate some parmigiano, grrr grrr grrr grrr

Stir, roao roao roao

Add a few pinches of salt and grind some pepper, raaack raaaack

Put the mixture into a hot pan.. shreEEEEEEeeeeee tssstsssss

Ahhh… the sound of cooking. Music to my ears.

p.s.what am I making?