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Tasting Rome with Frasca Food & Wine and Katie Parla

Nice evening at @frascafoodandwine with @katieparla and her new book, “Tasting Rome”.

Our artichokes are a bit nouveau compared to the globes of Rome, but tasty.. and the suppli, a fried rice croquette with warm melted pecorino and mozzarella that strings ‘al telefono’ when you bite into it, brought up memories of standing on a street corner across from the Spanish Steps, licking my lips.

The dinner paired well of course with some choice Italian wines and one Roman beer. I drank in the names, soon forgotten as I hadn’t been sipping for three weeks and I was in heaven with all the familiar flavors.

I’m lucky to know so many lovely talented food and travel writers in the Eternal City. @eminchilli, @rachelaliceroddy, MarjorieShaw’s Insider’s Italy. No better time to visit Rome well armed and in the know. I’ll make a visit myself this spring and dive into it all like there’s no tomorrow. Continue reading…