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Being Like Bob

I was not surprised when Ms. Kinney told me she wanted to bring her husband, Bob, of 30 years along on her trip to Morocco.

It was, however, a surprise that he was 93 and able to travel well. My father would have not wanted to go anywhere at 90; he was quite content to stay at home.

Bob Kinney, on the other hand, was ready to go. Each morning in Morocco Bob showed up for breakfast bright eyed. I would ask him, “How are you?” and he would say, “I’m fine! Just happy to be alive! You know, I never expected to live this long.”

I asked him, do you have a motto? He replied with certainty, “Do it now.” That’s different than “Just Do It,” I thought. “Do It Now” means that we have no time to waste on not doing, on complaining or sitting around feeling sorry for ourselves. He seemed to understand the “go with the flow” mentality that my guests must slip into, once they realize that I am absolutely in charge not only of our itinerary, but also of their relaxing.

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