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Hot Swami ~ Chai Toddy. Why not?


Improvisation is the mother of invention. A friend from Canada dropped in on me, quite sick. I know my chicken. He needed a stiff single malt, but that was out of the question. He wanted tea. What was the next best thing? A hot toddy. That way you can have your tea and your whiskey too. I didn’t have Bourbon in the house, but I had a few different Scotch’s. Most of them, too precious for a toddy..but why not? Medicine is medicine. I didn’t have cloves on hand either, but I did have my boyfriend’s hand-ground chai masala mix.  I thought, why not? We were given a special 5 spice recipe from our Gujarati friend, Rajiv in India a few years ago. I love blending cultures and it struck me that the peppery blend could be quite good for what ails.

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