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Alumni Story: Elena’s Seventh Program

You could say that Elena Portoles wins the prize for PMCA’s ‘Most Frequent Traveler.’  Since 1997, Elena has been on almost every single one of Peggy’s programs, tasting and exploring her way across Italy, Spain, Morocco, and just this last month—India. 

Here, we interview Elena in the midst of her seventh program with Peggy, India: Tasting Royal Rajasthan. Moments later, Peggy surprised her with the ultimate thank you gift for being such a loyal guest: an invitation to be her guest on the upcoming 20th Anniversary Program in June! Elena was stunned and replied, “Terrific! Elba is the only trip I haven’t been on.”

During this anniversary year, we invite all of you to send in your stories, impressions, photos, and memories from the road. Photos, videos, emails—we want it all! Your stories keep us inspired to develop new programs, and to bring new groups to these destinations each year.