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Dear Aunt Sarah

aunt-sarah-dried-appleIda Sarah Burroughs 10/30/1914 – 11/15/2016

This picture brings tears to my eyes, even though it was taken 4 years ago, I call this picture dried apple Sarah. Sarah lived four more years after this shot and lived to be 102. Not unwell.

Never unwell. None of us can remember a time when she was sick. She broke her hip at 92, but recovered and lived 10  more years to tell the story.

You could say that Sarah was never a pretty woman, but even at 100 she radiated warmth of spirit. She was fiercely independent with strong cheekbones and and not afraid to work. She had boundless energy and could match just about anyone in the cotton field. Just don’t ask her to grab eggs from under a chicken’s behind. She had a fear of feathers. She was the oldest and had three brothers under her. Continue reading…