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A Letter for the month of May

Maggio. The month in Italy when the rondine (swallows) sing and circle in the air,“announcing their place in the family of things.”  Irises cover the Italian countryside, which is dotted with delicate red poppies. The wisteria hang wistfully on their vines. It’s breathtaking. The greening of spring, May flowers after a few months of showers, breathes life into us once again. La Dolce Vita is alive and well.

This season I have been surrounded with friends; dear loved ones have come from near and far. My Italian friend Lisa had a baby at home in 45 minutes, like blowing out a candle flame. Ho soffiato la bambina, I blew her out softly. Life can be easy when we breathe, in tune with what moves us.
Living from this place is the antidote to the worries and uncertainties that plague us, the uncontrollable fear of the world falling apart.

Beauty is in the small kindnesses that are unexpected, the poignant transitions and sweetness of life and leaving that bring us more into the present,  grateful to have loved and lived.