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Antoniazzi Tuscan Family Recipe: Turkey Stuffed with Sausage, Prunes and Chestnuts

 I just received a beautiful letter from my friend Raffaella Antoniazzi in Florence. It was written in Italian and I have translated it. Oh how I wish I could send it in Italian, as it is written so sweetly.’La tacchina, deve essere una femmina perche la carne e piu morbida…..'”il ripieno e di salsiccie di maiale, prugne secche senza nocciolo, e castagne che vengono cottesulle brace, pelate e ripassate in una padellina con il burro e l’alloro..’Italians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving of course, but they do eat turkey for Christmas. I would like to  pass this along to you to use if you are looking for something unusually good for your Thanksgiving table this year, or save it for Christmas…that is if you can wait.Raffaella collects Primitive American quilts and has some of the most beautiful ones I have ever seen.

She has a passion for true American design from her days at Biedermeyer in New York. Looks like she has taken a bit after her grandmother Antoniazzi.
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