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Zingerman’s Zing Zang Zingari

Reposted from our files ~ from March 28, 2010. The story may not be new, but the love affair continues. Eventually we developed a trip with Zingerman’s and we now do a joint Culinary Adventure in Tuscany every October, which evolved from this encounter with a perfect sandwich. Join us and read on!
For years I have heard about this oasis of all things delicious in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A Deli, no less, in the historic district on the north end of downtown on Detroit Street. It’s an old Victorian brick, with a neon sign in the window and lots of crazy sign writing, with a line out the door wrapped around the side of the building, especially on Saturdays. It’s bumper to bumper inside, not just with people, but with cheese cases, stuffed with some of the most delectable and rare cheeses one can find this side of Europe. There’s a bread station filled to the gills with maybe 10 types of fresh bread or more with someone there to slice a taste for you. A swinging deli with proper pumpernickel to sandwich one’s pastrami, offers and suggests of the best drinks to go with, such as true cream soda and ginger ale. Walls of truly hand-picked extra virgin olive oil labels, fabulous balsamic vinegars, and someone there to help you decide what to taste and what to choose. There are spices, marmalades, crackers, cookies, coffee cakes, etc. etc. Knowing what I know, it was like visiting a museum of the best food products in the world and I was hungry. I was told by people in the know to call my order in, in order to get it faster. I did just that and within minutes I was paying for my sandwich, while someone not only recommended what I should drink with it, but went and got it and popped the top for me with an old fashioned bottle opener. Zingerman’s Deli. The only deli in the world that has as much interest in its customer as the customer has in it.