There’s something of the La Dolce Vita, the sweet life, that still lives in Sicily…

There’s a laissez-faire, a “let do” in a way, that the rest of the world could benefit from. It’s not that Sicily is rule-less. It’s that the rules are easily bent. This gives the country some wild creativity and free spirited gents.


Artisans abound all over Italy. In Sicily, they choose their crafts carefully. The island is full of fruit and each chef draws inspiration from a variety of cultures. The Spaniards brought chocolate from the Quetzelcotl. The Arabs brought oranges, mandarins, and almonds.

It’s warm enough in Sicily to eat two ice creams a day. Yet, the real motive is to taste. Unusual natural flavors that you’d never think to see in ice cream, much less on top of a cone.


Semolina bread, made with a slightly yellow flour, and salt. A coy, veiled invitation. Pane e tutto!


Ricotta fresca, fresh from the farm in Regaleali.



The sweet life. Indeed.