India_ChhatraSagarPostcard from guest Tara O’Leary, India: Tasting Royal Rajasthan:

A beautiful tented camp was a most unexpected pleasure. From my tent, I watched birds along the water, catching my breath as I saw a flock of pigeons take flight. A hawk came out of nowhere, took one of the group and carried it to a tree across the river.

Later, I joined another member of our group, Ann, and a guide and his assistant on a walk of the area to look specifically for birds. Ann and I were beyond thrilled to catch a glimpse of the brilliantly colored bee-eater. It was without a doubt the most luxurious birding I have probably ever done, with someone to carry the spotting scope and to offer us water along the way.

As the walk came to a close, I realized we were opposite the tents on the other side of the river where I had seen the magnificent hawk take his prey. In fact, I was under that exact tree. I looked down and saw a pile of pigeon feathers left behind from what had been the hawk’s dinner. We ambled on and were greeted at the camp by a man with a beautifully appointed tray of drinks, the perfect ending to an enchanted day!