Modern nomads want connection and authentic experiences…
.. and we are willing to go to the ends of the earth to find them. It’s a need, like water or food. I once traveled to the isle of Erraid off the coast of Scotland and fell to my knees on the far distant shore and wept. It felt so good. I picked myself up, brushed myself off and headed home, refreshed.


Being curious is what helps us feel alive again. 

If you ask someone, “what do you want in life”? Often the answer will be, “I want to travel.” Travel is the first thing on many people’s list. Allowing ourselves to pick up and leave is another thing…
A good wander does a body good, otherwise, how do we feed our soul? We want to stay long enough that we forget where we came from, find ourselves anew, and be fully present in another reality. A change of focus opens the mind for more creative thought.
A good dose of beauty and taste goes a long way to filling the well.
We want to let our Bon Vivant out of the closet. 
Shake him/her out to breathe some fresh air. 
La vie en rose, la dolce vita, the road less traveled.

Don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Come spend some time with other sybarites excited to commune with other like-minded people. We are a community of modern nomads ready to steep ourselves in an adventure, full of flavor, stunning visuals, honest conversation and comfortable beds. We like to congregate in foreign lands. 

Speaking of the road less traveled, we’ve created a delectable program on the Aeolian Islands, just north of Sicily. The island of Salina offers a salty, sunny breeze, windswept from the sea. It ends up in a glass of Malvasia wine, in their world re-knowed capers, and in their hospitality… Islands offer escape and an air of wild individualism that creates not only the best flavors, but passionate artisans. The experience is mythical and full of rustic beauty. It’s what we all want. A real getaway. Not just an umbrella drink, but a dive into the drink itself, where the whole of you is refreshed inside and out!Join us this September for a sip of Myth and Malvasia in the Aeolians. Get your hands in the seafood with Fabrizia Lanza of Regaleali at her family resort, Capofaro. Hang out with a Michelin star chef, Martina Caruso, and her humble chef father, Michele at Hotel Signum.  Feel the Mediterranean in your blood as you wine and dine on local flavors and live the simple island lifestyle.
Are you a Modern Nomad? Then come with me! #GowithPeggy
Peggy and Fabrizia with Stromboli in the background

Peggy and Fabrizia with Stromboli in the background