Sitting under a coconut palm in Goa, India, watching butterflies flutter to the sound of crashing waves, I am still enough to let my mind wander. Pure amazement radiates from within. “How have I come to this moment?,” I ask myself.

I have always loved to travel… not an easy feat for a girl from a small town in the deep American south. World travel has the power to make one curious about karma and destiny, and the signs along the way that inform us of who we are and where we will go in our lives.

There are many people crossing our paths, arguably daily, that will never pay attention to these signs. They end up going with the status quo, creating a fate rather than finding their inherent destiny. ‘Fate’ is what happens when you don’t choose. Life chooses for you.

But Destiny is another thing altogether. It’s important to court destiny like a lover. You have to constantly work at it. Follow faint voices or intuitions that give you hints. Say ‘No’ to what does not make you sing. Try to notice with great attention to what does—and stick to it; having the will and courage to dream.

India gets under the skin. In our Culinary Adventure we envelop ourselves in the surroundings of Delhi, and deeper into the past: to Rajasthan. This is one of the most regal regions of India; colored with a complex history, the creative and ornate expression of the Moguls of the past, a hedonistic and celebratory lifestyle, and powerful kingdoms.

The desert vistas of Rajasthan with its impressive palaces and forts, tell a tale of ancient history and culture. The cities of Jaipur, Udaipur and Jodhpur glitter with palaces, sparkling jewelry shops, buzzing tuk tuks, fabrics and textiles, and bustling life on the streets…

In Chhatra Sagar, we go “glamping” or glam-camping although we are not necessarily roughing it. Overlooking a beautiful lake, we live in our own tented huts—robed in brilliant local textiles. Noble great-grandsons see to our care and take us bird watching; only to come back to a roaring evening fire at campsite for drinks and stories and stargazing. A jeep safari takes us through cumin, fennel and chili fields to the nearby village of Nimaj to enter into ‘everyday life’. Women carry their empty water vessels to the well. Children do their times tables and recitation. We watch farmers, weavers, and potters dedicate themselves to their craft; we are graciously welcomed.

In a globalized world, where you can find almost anything almost anywhere, there’s something especially thrilling about being East. In all of its vibrancy; India is still relaxed.

Once our busied minds truly retreat and embrace India‘s innate qualities of relaxation, we can begin to nosh on what it is we are meant to do. Finding one’s destiny takes a big appetite; and it’s never too late. The question is, how hungry are you?