Anyone who has taken a trip with Peggy knows that it’s her ability to create relationships, bring out personalities, to facilitate laughter and a sense of poetry, that set her programs apart.

Francesco has driven for our culinary program in Sicily for over eight years now – and it is thanks to Francesco’s capable hands that we travel from the Regaleali wine estate to the baroque town of Modica and the coastal city of Catania, home to one of the Mediterranean’s most vibrant old-world fish markets.

But in addition to being a wonderful driver, Francesco also has some hidden musical and dramatic talents.

You’ll have to join us on a program to find out exactly what those are, but to give a sense of Francesco’s most generous and humorous presence, take a moment to watch his Marlon Brando imitation. “My heart is very big for you, my friend,” Francesco cro
aks, “I hope you enjoy your trip!”

We are most excited that Francesco will also be joining us driver for the upcoming Culinary Adventure to Sicily and the Aeolian Islands in September.

Marlon Brando Bevaqua
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Peggy and Francesco have known each other for a long time so be ready to be welcomed like family when you arrive in Sicily. And yes, every family has its own endearing characters!