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She Might Be In Tangier

“If you see her, say ‘hello’, she might be in Tangier…”

This Bob Dylan song came to me, along with “Boots of Spanish leather,” while crossing the strait of Gibraltar a few days ago. It was no different than any other ferry crossing, just more significant. Leaving Tarifa, Spain’s final beach, for the minarets of Morocco follows the thread of many a famous traveler.

I frequent ferries in Italy, going from the mainland to many of the outlying archipelago. Yet, leaving Europe behind to cross over only 9 miles of open sea to end up in North Africa, has adventure written all over it. Especially for those who swim it.

When I meet fellow Americans traveling abroad here in North Africa, I ask them, “What did you expect to find here?” Almost without exception, regardless of the way they express it, the answer reduced to its simplest terms is: a sense of mystery.

~ Paul Bowles.

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