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Bahija’s Pineapple Upside-Down and Turned Around Cake

bahijaBahija Lafredi’s sensibility for the extraordinary in food, never ceases to amaze me. It comes easy to her.  Unpretentious in her kitchen whites or traditional tunics, she is like a neutral book cover to a colorful, classic novel. Full of surprises, her imagination takes something as simple as a sponge cake and dresses it to the nines with a flip of the wrists.

This basic pineapple upside-down cake came out of the oven beautifully caramelized and mouthwatering. It would have pleased a Queen. Then Bahija said, ‘but if you like, you can turn half of it over’. The underside was studded with dates and almonds. Quite a contrast to the yellow caramelized pineapple. She studied it for a minute, then got an idea to quarter it. What started out as a festive cake, now became more so ~ A work of art and a feast for the eyes.

Cooking is not always about following a recipe. It’s about learning to follow someones way of seeing.

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