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A window into my Florentine life
“Travel brings power and love back into your life” ~ Rumi 
Whatever it is we choose to do with our lives,
it’s important to feel good about it.
No matter what we do.
A wise friend once asked me: “What do you want?” Even if you don’t know what you want, you might have a feeling but often you shut it down before you give it a chance to speak. I ask myself that question often when I feel that I’m at a crossroads. Everything is always changing. I followed a faint voice that said “study Italian!” some 25 years ago that led me on a journey that has unfolded into this work that has become my life.  I couldn’t have imagined that saying yes and giving breath to something so simple could have developed a dream I didn’t even know was possible.

Every destination that I have chosen to create an adventure around, has come to me through some form of curiosity. Italy came through years of hearing my father talk about it when I was young. He planted seeds and I drew pictures in my mind as he told me stories.  Other destinations have come from photos that evoked a feeling, or I had a connection to a friend.
Traveling to a foreign land is a bit like going to the movies. Everything flies by in technicolor, but you don’t just sit back… you are in it! It’s three dimensional.  You can smell, taste, touch and walk around in the beautiful landscape and actually talk to people and get your hands dirty, day after day after day, until you are satiated. You go home a completely different person, having rearranged your attitude and lightened your load. (But maybe not your luggage…as usually there are too many delightful things to bring home.)
Relax into a part of yourself you haven’t seen in a while. Travel brings out love for yourself and the world around you. After all that is what we really want… Every one of my trips has been designed and curated with personal connections to wonderful artisans that have plenty to share. Every program has a thread of thoughtfulness that you are brought into like a part of the family. We all want to be happy, especially on vacation. So I invite you to come along with us on a hand-made adventure. We got soul!
2017 is going to be a very special year for many reasons.
Stay tuned to find out! Let us know which programs you are most interested in so we can book you early, so you are sure to have a spot.
Tanti baci da Firenze!