A place to swim off the boat under the crater of Pollara on Salina, in the Aeolian Islands.

While we swam, Fulvio made a delicious pasta with a lampuga (mahi mahi) sauce. The salt water felt so good on our skin. It was refreshing, but not cold and felt good to move. 

From this cove in Salina you can look up and see the house where Il Postino was filmed. Pablo Neruda tried to explain to the postman the importance of poetry. How it comes naturally when you pay attention to your feelings. They come and go like the sea…


Musings from our delicious Culinary Adventure in Sicily + the Aeolian Islands where we visit Catania in Sicily and the island of Salina, and where in addition to elevated local cuisine, we share poetry to match the mystic surroundings.

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