Saffron gin and tonic Peggy Markel

A Saffron Gin Tonic under the moonlight met me at the end of the pool in Marrakech. I fell in love with that land and its magic. And since then, saffron-infused gin and tonics have been my dreamy drink-of-choice, hands-down.

I adore saffron. Infused together with craft gin makes it absolutely medicinal, in that “can cure what ails you” kind of way, everything from depression to dry skin. It was also touted as an aphrodisiac in ancient Sanskrit texts — but don’t get me started. This cocktail will take you on a trip along the Old Spice Route through India, the middle east and last, but not least, the Old Silk Roads of Spain.

Our trips to India, Morocco and Spain are steeped in Saffron. Its completely intoxicating red threads leave a lasting impression.


2 oz Saffron-infused gin (instructions below)
2 oz tonic water, such as Fever-tree Premium Indian Tonic Water


Start by infusing a couple of cups of premium gin with a good pinch of saffron threads and letting it sit overnight (or longer) until it’s bright yellow and fragrant.

When ready for an unforgettable G&T, place ice in a glass, add saffron-infused gin and top with tonic water.

Enjoy! Crunchy, olive-oil potato chips make the perfect accompaniment. And while you sip this saffron treat, start planning your next Culinary Adventure with Peggy Markel.