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The Black Pigs of Huelva

Visiting an organic pig farm for the infamous black pig “Iberico” was insightful. We took a walk with the pigs, free range under the acorn trees. They came quickly, taking a trail that was at first far away, then slowly and deliberately coming nearer. Snorting and trotting, with their ears flopping at the tips, it’s too bad they are not used for pets, for they are in some sense of the word, affectionate.

I Want Her Job: “Interview with Peggy Markel”

“Peggy aims to give people a meaningful travel experience by immersing them in a foreign culture through food, food artisans, hands-on cooking and traveling. The bonus: Her daily work usually means immersing herself in the same. Just read her example of a “typical day” and see if it doesn’t make …

Eat Drink Etc.: “Peggy Markel’s Culinary Tours”

Morocco - Peggy Markel's Culinary Adventures

“Peggy Markel, entrepreneur, gastronome and world traveler, has designed and directed culinary tours since 1991. Her love of food and travel have developed into a livelihood as a cultural translator; opening doors to experiencing and understanding culinary traditions at their source.” Read more.

Zingerman’s Roadhouse: “A Toast to Uncle Joe”

“Although I knew her only from her “modern” life in Boulder and from traveling together in Europe, Peggy Markel actually grew up in Alabama. (Unrelated—or at least not directly related—to catfish, she runs a cooking school in Tuscany and food tours in Italy and Morocco.” Read more here.