Resolutions can be broken, but dreams remain until they are fulfilled…

“I just wanna go on more adventures. 
Be around good energy. Connect with people. 
Learn new things. Grow.”

I just received this lovely painting from my friend Tatjana Krizmanic, an artist of great range and talent. It hit me like an arrow in the heart, first making me laugh, then it made me cry, opening a deluge of memories. In that moment, I felt the poignancy of the cultures that have flown by in phenomenal display over the years ~ a fairy tale of foreign lands and curious travelers that have come together to explore the unknown richness and flavors of other cultures. An epic dream!

So I ask you. What is your dream for 2016? Resolutions can be broken, but dreams remain until they are fulfilled. Traveling can take you out of the norm, break up habits and ways of looking at things, and give voice to an authentic self that maybe you haven’t heard in a while.

Come on… pack your bag and find reasons to “let yourself have it” rather than reasons not too. Grab that traveling hat, which looks better on your head than on the hat rack. It’s going to look great walking the cobblestoned streets and tapas bars of old Seville or meandering around vineyards in Sicily. You’ll feel a lot more comfortable looking like a traveler than a tourist. A Fedora might suit the back roads of Chianti, wine tasting in true Tuscan style. A Panama or wide-brimmed floppy would surely fit the bill when sailing into Marina Grande on the Isle of Capri, ready to sip a negroni in Piazza Piccola. I prefer a colorful self-tied turban for camel riding on the beaches of Morocco… and India? My favorite is a classic straw pillbox with my favorite retro round sunglasses.

I have just read in Vogue’s Spring Fashion Trends that spring’s color palette is all about soft, pale, dusty hues… and rose quartz is IN. I was quite delighted to see that unbeknownst to me, Tatjana has me wearing just the right thing. Have you noticed my chic market bag? It’s my first PMCA product. A burlap market tote with one of my illustrations from “The New Whole Foods Encyclopedia“.

I’m ready to roll. What about you? If you’re a last-minute traveler, join me in Jaipur. Visas can be acquired in 24 hours. The Marrakech Express departs the last day of February for a fun-filled food ~ yoga ~ photography adventure the first week of March. Last but not least? Seville in April!

I like style, but fashionista comments aside, it’s not the most important thing…
We are here to make a mark of brilliance
and share our soulful sensibilities with the world… to be of benefit.
How? By showing up.


What hat will you be wearing? Spoon optional.  Let’s dream travel together in 2016!
peggy camel
Art by By Tatjana Krizmanic ||