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M O D E N A. (Mòdna in Modenese dialect).

An elegant city boasting the no.1 restaurant in the world, Osteria Francescana, the oldest Salumeria in Europe, Salumeria Guisti, and the oldest Balsamic vinegar, well over a hundred years old and used as medicine.( La Vecchia Dispensa being my favorite.)

Bloom will offer drops of “Aceto Balsamico” on your gelato and Bar Guisti will give you a Negroni made with local bitters.

Don’t miss the gnoccho fritto, Tortellini in Brodo and the Lambrusco “metodo classico”. They have dressed it up to match the Bella Figura of this stylish town.

Buona serata.

We visit Modena as part of our Culinary Adventure in Tuscany.
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