I was traveling in India when contemplating a new logo last year and saw these beautiful circular black and white designs on the side of buildings and houses that I felt drawn to… They were intricate and mysterious and I thought, that’s it! I want a symbol that draws you in, intriguing and beautiful. It took time, but we landed on this labyrinthine design for our new logo which signifies not only wandering but walking a purposeful path. 

Our culinary adventures have always been about this: curating a purposeful getaway that delights at every step, while keeping the mind open to what is being experienced inside as well as out. As we walk, we unwind. We experience a rare spaciousness.

By going out in the world, we journey into ourselves. We are vulnerable, not even aware that we are asking questions as we step into the unknown.

The transformative quality of travel loosens the grip on our fixed notions about ourselves and others. No doubt we become more tolerant, not to mention filled with the richness of genuine culture and the stunning beauty of the places we go and the people we meet.

Come and step onto our labyrinth through other cultures, and get to know incredible food artisans, growers, cooks, and chefs, winemakers. Sail with us on mythical seas and walk the paths of the ancients. Connect the past with the present and feel the magic!

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