A Beautiful September to You

Late summer skies are getting bluer and there is the faintest hint of cool in the air. Most people are ending their summer holidays and going back to work or school. So am I. Thank goodness it’s the traveling kind. I’m ready to hit the road for foreign lands and steep myself in a different cultural brew. 

How did I get such a lust for travel?
I’m not sure. It’s right up there with a lust for life.

My mind is tuned to southern Spain and the absolutely exquisite town of Seville, better known as Sevilla! A rich city with an illustrious past, Seville has always attracted adventurous travelers. The city proudly showcases its Moorish past, apparent in beautiful architecture and lush gardens, delicious food and a fine appreciation for the arts. But one of Seville’s finest moments came in the 15th century thanks to an adventurous soul who set sail and discovered the new world.

Treasure ships passed up through the Quadalquivir river through the royal counting houses right into the treasury coffers, creating a marvelous city of gold. Those glory days are gone, but the walls, gardens and courtyards still exist and make a beautiful city center full of winding cobblestone streets full of lively tapas bars and laughter. The Sevillanos are gregarious and love to gather over delicious bites of this and that — their beloved jamon and a glass of sherry and endless plates of seafood and tortilla española with aioli.

seville block 1

Come and explore Seville and her surroundings with us. We have an exciting itinerary, full of the senses and sensibility we all love in these programs. We walk the streets to markets for shopping with Ignacio. We slip into a few kitchens for hands-on cooking with Isabel, take walks with some friendly black pigs under the acorn trees, sip sherry out of the barrel and demystify the delectable differences. We identify local herbs and flowers, take in Flamenco and after spending some days in the historical center of town, rest in true hacienda hospitality with our friends in the countryside.

Visit not only Seville, but also Huelva and Jerez. And the sea the mouth of the Quadalquivir, where fellow adventurer and explorer Columbus set sail for the not yet known Americas.

seville block 2Follow the dove and see where your love of travel takes you.

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