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Recipe: Caviar d’Aubergine (Eggplant Puree)

This delicious vegetarian spread is wonderful for summer entertaining – easy and flavorful, it comes together in a few minutes. During our Culinary Adventure in Morocco, our chef, Bahija, shows us how to char and cook the eggplants on the embers but you can use your gas stove or even …

Recipe: Poached Pears Palmeraie

There are a million wonderful Moroccan desserts. I happen to enjoy the simple ones, such as fruit. Here’s a one with spices and honey sauce. The name reflects the outlying area of Marrakech called ‘Le Palmeraie’ where Jnane Tamsna is located. 6          cups cold water (separated) 6          pears, not …

Recipe: Omar Sharif Cocktail

Preserved lemons, seductive spices, tantalizing tagines, oranges in orange blossom water, and a close-to-the-lips encounter with ‘Omar Sharif’. That is what Moroccan dreams are made of… While you await the departure of your flight to Marrakech, sip on this elegant cocktail wherever you are!