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Recipe: Tagine of Blue-Foot Chicken and Dried Cherries Soaked in Wine

The tagine is my choice of an unglazed clay pot,  especially in winter. Its terracotta top and bottom create the perfect environment for developing slow-cooked flavor.Being a great fan of Morocco, I most often stick to the traditional dishes. Moroccans themselves are quite creative, but the buck stops when it …

Bahija’s Pineapple Upside-Down and Turned Around Cake

Bahija Lafredi’s sensibility for the extraordinary in food, never ceases to amaze me. It comes easy to her.  Unpretentious in her kitchen whites or traditional tunics, she is like a neutral book cover to a colorful, classic novel. Full of surprises, her imagination takes something as simple as a sponge …

Recipe: Moroccan Fish Pastilla

Guided by master Chef Bahija, we learned to make a traditional Moroccan chicken pastilla during our culinary adventure to Morocco. The recipe below uses filo dough to form the crust of the pastilla. Traditionally, Moroccan pastilla is made with warka, a slightly less-flaky, more malleable pastry sheet. In the United States, warka can be found in many Middle Eastern groceries, but filo dough also makes a suitable substitution.