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Italy, in many ways, has taught me how to love

We all have places like this, and discover new ones each time we travel. Places that remind us to fall in love with our own lives.

This kind of travel isn’t about romance or fantasy. It’s not about escaping our situation or distracting our minds with picturesque views. It’s about waking up, learning to notice details and appreciate the magic of our own lives. It’s easier to remember and appreciate the small details when we travel and everything is new, but this kind of love is available to us all of the time.

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?

What brings you alive?
What brings me alive is the active participation of being in a culture different from my own, relating with a heightened sense of awareness and an open heart looking for a way in.

SB Digs: “Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures”

With two decades of experience in global culinary traditions, Peggy Markel personally hand-tailors each of her programs to lead her guests into cultural immersion, through the sensorial pleasure of food. Guests emerge transformed, embracing a greater awareness of the connection between themselves, other cultures, and the food on their plate.

Aeolian Islands: Potent Enough to Withstand the Trade-Winds of Time

The Aeolian Islands off the coast of Sicily have a culture of their own, an archipelago of 8 islands clustered in the Mediterranean just north of Sicily. Fascinated by islands, I like to explore how each island expresses itself, out in the wild on its own, with a rich sea life to draw from and the ingredients at hand that have given us the Mediterranean diet — wild plants such as fennel, oregano, rosemary and the cultivated citrus, olive and hot weather vegetables. Their gardens are often protected by rock walls to protect from the wind and ensure a good harvest to put up for the winter.

Remembering Anna Tasca Lanza

How could I not go back to Case Vecchie for the 25th Anniversary of the Anna Tasca Lanza Cooking School? It wasn’t going to be easy. I was on the island of Procida for a sailing trip. I had to jump ship and take a ferry to Napoli, a shuttle …

Sicily: A Different Italy

In Sicily, one finds oneself in a different Italy; rough and wild with an untamed terrain. Upon entering the entroterra,  one senses that the past is stronger than the present. She begins to show her many-textured dress – woven by ancient influences of the Phoenicians, Greeks, Turks, and Africans, and …

Springtime in Sicily

I’m not sure why I decided to go to Sicily last Spring, exactly. But part of being a traveler and an adventurer is following inclinations and hunches even when there is no rational explanation. I hadn’t been there since the spring of 2007. At that time, I thought nothing could …