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Soul sister

Kim Schiffer was a soul sister from the moment I met her. Two southern women in the mountains out west, it was if we were from the “old country,” speaking a dialect only we could understand. We loved the same things as if cut from the same cloth and since …

Down Home.

Even during a crisp November, the Alabama air was cool and humid. The skies were often grey and the ground, a wet looking brown. A sense of melancholy hung on the bare trees like something was missing. Sitting on Aunt Siddy’s porch 1980’s It took two hours to drive from …

Miss Peach And Her Peaches

The peach tree was laden down with the softest, peachiest peaches you can imagine. Although a small tree, she took the burden of the bountiful crop. It was a Sunday, a good day for making pies. Miss Peach, took her wooden bowl and filled it up with the sweet, downy fruit. It was a better idea than reading. After all, she’s only six. And reading is far too serious for a summer day with school already just around the corner. Master Peach agreed.