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“She Gets Around.”

Florence-Pisa-London-Florence-Barcelona-Mallorca-Malaga I’m in constant motion, and do get around. There’s my work, first and foremost, that takes me around, and then I fill in the blanks on the way. Why not? A London birthday party one weekend stretches into the next, with a sack of things to do and places …

Why Travel?

Travel opens the doors of perception. You begin to live in the open question, looking at the world and yourself with different eyes. Your awareness heightens and you see, feel and taste things that you have never seen, felt or tasted. You wake up as if you have been asleep …

Be Still My Beeting Heart

In Venice on the vaporetto, I passed this boat with the name of Citta di Chioggia’. Chioggia is a mini-Venice located on a small island at the southern entrance to the lagoon, which I passed coming in from Croatia, amazed how long the lagoon stretched before we actually arrived close to the center. A water world of canals and boats, Chioggia is also known for its unique beet.